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Hygienic Wash & Cream

Hygienic Wash & Cream

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The spray wash gently cleans the skin and helps prevent UTI and bacteria build up. The cream keeps the skin moist.
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What’s the Cost of...

  • Poor Hygiene

    Low absorbency products lead to odors, wetness, and leaks which can cause mood changes and low self esteem.

  • Interrupted Sleep

    Poor sleep is linked to cognition, falls, and daytime behavior challenges; leading to emotional distress, added stress and cost. 

  • Health Issues

    UTIs, skin problems, falls, emotional issues – treating these conditions can cost thousands of dollars.

TIM reduces the true cost of care. 

TIM premium absorbency products prevent leaks and keep the skin dry – improving sleep, mood and skin health while reducing the risk of falls and UTI's.